Production music for film and television

Lucky G approached us needing a long-term, trusted tech partner to manage the maintenance, feature development and improvement of their existing music library and search engine. Working closely with their team we streamlined their hosting, deployment and error systems - responding to issues and bugs in their system in a timely manner.

With their team, we have designed and built a number of key, high impact feature updates to their product, including the ability to build and share collaborative playlists and an improved user playlist download process.

"Finding a developer that can build you what you actually need and be able to communicate well is not an easy task. From the very first day, the team at Lunar have been utterly brilliant, offering informed advice with clarity and patience and meeting every new challenge we throw at them with calm determination and a genuine enthusiasm for our business. These guys deliver."

Dan Delor, Lucky G

Music library and search engine build in Laravel and Ractive.js.

Manage personal and shared playlists - collaborate directly with producers and editors to bring them the music they need.

Respond to user feedback to inform the UX of new and existing product features.

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