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Ultraleap are world leaders in hand tracking and haptics technology.

They required a blazing fast, content rich, progressive website to suitably showcase their innovative products. It needed to grow and change with them as they developed and released new technologies.



What we did

Lunar were called in during the build - extending the site to be fully CMS ready and resolving all technical conflicts.

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The Brief

Ultraleap required a fully CMS supported site, to showcase their products, explain how their technology works and to keep the public up to date with press releases and informative articles. To reflect their brand, it needed support for progressive animations, smooth transitions and intricate movements.


Our work

During the build, Lunar were called in to resolve various technical issues that had arisen from the use of new development technologies. We also extended the build from being an impressive front end to a fully CMS supported site, so that the client could have full control over content.

Ultraleap now employ us as a development partner, keeping their site up to date and secure each month, as well as adding new features as required.

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Traditionally, websites are made up of separate pages, which need to be loaded in your browser each time you click a link. The Ultraleap site is built with Gatsby and React, a Javascript framework that loads your site once, then smoothly transitions between pages. The result - a blazing fast user experience with a ultra-modern feel.

  • A blazing fast, modern website

  • Smooth animations and transitions

  • Fully CMS supported build

  • A long-term relationship as technical partners

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