A refreshed, accessible online presence for OpenAthens

A resource hub for remote access services and productions. With a focus on creating a highly accessible and performant site with flexible editing experience.



What we did

Lunar built this project from the ground up, from initial planning stages and architecture through to deployment and ongoing support.

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The Brief

OpenAthens required a fully CMS-supported site with a strong focus on accessibilty - conforming strictly to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

The site needed to be extremely flexible for content editors to maintain and extend, with a wide variety of different content types allowing the client to categorise and sort their content in a way that made it easy for users to quickly find the information they were looking for.


Our work

During the build, Lunar worked closely with OpenAthens to ensure that the product delivered was held to the highest standard and evolved with the growing needs of the client. Through fortnightly sprint presentations and weekly catch ups, Lunar and OpenAthens worked together in a way that promoted transparency and communication.

On this project Lunar built a system to speed up workflow and aid in the modularity and maintainability of the site: a pattern library of composable elements that acted both as a development tool and as documentation on the project.

This approach allowed us to easily build in end-to-end testing that ensures that the functionality remains consistent and minimises regressions.

Lunar have remained involved in the project and continue to provide support as a tech partner, responding quickly to the needs of the OpenAthens team as the site continues to evolve.

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Accessibility at the heart of the project

One of the principle project requirements for the OpenAthens build was that the new site be as accessible as possible, and conform strictly to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Lunar collaborated with the OpenAthens team to ensure that the end product removed the barriers that often make sites difficult, or impossible for some people, to use. Making accessible sites is to the benefit of all involved, and is something we care deeply about at Lunar.

pedestrians with various accessibility needs


The OpenAthens project concluded with a robust and long lasting product that is flexible enough to continue to evolve and fit the needs of a wide variety of content, all while conforming to standards of accessibility that mean that the site will be usable by anyone who needs it.

  • An accessible and simple to use resource

  • Fully CMS supported build

  • Long term relationship as technical partners

  • A robust and maintainable content platform

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