A full stack music library

An extensive database of music with a single-page app front end, lightning fast user searches and collaborative playlist building.

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What we did

We are LuckyG's longterm technical partner, helping them to refine their ideas in order to more effectively realise their business ambitions. We design and build new features and maintain their site and systems.

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The Brief

LuckyG are a music library with an extensive catalogue of music for TV, film and media. They needed a public facing app that showcased, sold and distributed their work.

Their app has many advanced features, such as collabarative playlist building and advanced search capabilities. Their app also functions as a backend for their own internal data crunching, audio handling and catalogue administration.


Our work

Our ongoing work with LuckyG includes:

  • Frontend features additions and updates.

  • Backend data handling, building bespoke tools to help them manage, manipulate and report on their catalogue.

  • Building, managing and maintaining their server architecture.

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A robust, future proof, full stack application that empowers LuckyG to both manage and sell their extensive library of music.

  • A fast, modern library frontend

  • Catalogue indexing using Algolia, for lightning fast search results

  • Advanced features - such as collaborative playlist building

  • Improved backend system for catalogue administration

  • Improved backend system for book keeping

  • A long-term relationship as technical partners

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